Engine Temperature Controller

RevitsOne temperature control system is designed for automobiles. It withstands high operating temperatures, harsh environments, heavy vibrations and still protects your engine from seizure due to ver temperature.
Temperature control system can shut down the engine either by switching off the electrical supply to fuel pump or by stopping the fuel flow by using a special solenoid valve. Once temperature reaches 5 degree below the set value, Temperature control system starts giving intermideate buzzer beeps which alerts the driver to stop the engine as early as possible. In case, even after the pre-warning signal also, engine is running, Temperature control system switches off the engine once temperature reaches set value.

A digital output for vehicle tracking system, if equipped, is provided once temperature reaches warning area.

Wiring Diagram
Engine Temperature Sensor

Highly reliable, three wire sensor is used for detecting real-time engine temperature. Easy installation.

One Button Setting

Temperature settings can be done by pressing the control switch in the desired manner using an appropriate screw driver. Once setting is done the access hole can be closed and sealed.

In case, the fixing of unit takes place in an Inverted position, display can also be Inverted by using the switch. The outputs, N/O or N/C can also be interchanged using the same button.

Key Features
  • Engine shut down facility.
  • real time temperature indication.
  • Audible warning signal before shut down.
  • Digital input for vehicle tracking module.
  • Precise control of vehicle temperature using latest intelligent micro controller system.
  • Real time temperature indication.
  • Long life
  • Very less maintenance cost required.
  • Easy to Install.
Technical Specifications
  • Operating Voltage : 08 V to 32V DC.
  • Operating Current : 0.5 Amps max.
  • Operating Temperature : -20°C to 120°C
  • Sensing range : +30 C to +200 C
Salient Features
  • Indigenous microprocessor controlled design.
  • Low EMI generation and High EM immunity.
  • Constant monitoring of temperature.
  • Tamper resistant temperature setting.
  • Easy installation.
  • Smooth and accurate operation.
Benefits to Fleet Owners
  • Increases Engine life.
  • Reduces Operating & Maintenance cost.
  • Prevents unexpected engine break-downs.
  • Competitive Pricing of the product.