Electronic Taxi Fare Meter

Our Taximeters are already on the road since 5 years and experimented successfully on all type of road conditions.are adaptable to any model of Taxi & Auto’s and it meets the electromagnetic interference

Meter use the revolution of the vehicle, to calibrate its Data. The vehicle manufacturer specifies the revolutions of the vehicle per kilometer. The revolutions of the vehicles differ for different vehicles like MARUTHI, CEILO, INDICA, and FIAT etc. The fare is calculated based on the distance traveled, which is proportional to the total No of revolutions. This information is programmed at factory after the necessary tests and cannot be tampered later. At any given point Government body can review the calibration of Meter to check whether it is in accordance with the vehicles actual revolution.

  • Can be interfaced to a Central Monitoring system via its serial port.
  • Easy installation to any type of taxi (MARUTHI, SUMO, FIAT, CEILO ETC) through suitable transducer / speed sensor
  • Easy-to-read bright LED displays for FARE and DISTANCE
  • Tariff modification with the push of a button .
  • Comes in a durable metal case
  • Meets the electromagnetic interference requirements.
  • RevitsOne APPROVED FOR ITS WORKING at the temperature and humidity conditions specified by Weights and Measures Department of India Government.


RevitsOne taximeter are easy to calibrate and it can have four types of tariff, such as day tariff, night tariff etc. Tariff changeover from day tariff to night tariff is done through the automatic changeover program to avoid any malpractices. Tariff modification can be done through a single press of a button.

Status report for management

RevitsOne taximeter has five status report to verify the performance of the cab as well can give track through the data if any manipulation done by the driver. The status parameters given are:

  • Total fare collected for the day
  • Total number of unit increments
  • Total number of extras
  • Total paid kilometers
  • Total kilometer traveled for the day
ADDITIONAL FEATURES WHICH CAN BE ADDED TO CAR MODEL 202 Both 202 models can have the facility of
  • Credit card reader for easy payments.
  • Meter can be connected to central controlling station through a Global positioning system through satellite (GPS) system for proper fleet management.
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