Student Safety Assurance System

Key Features
  • Safety Assurance to parents and schools
  • Online real-time school bus information
  • Immediate information of pick up and drop at bus stops
  • Look up the movement of all buses
  • Improve driver performance & produtivity
  • Overspeed alerts for the safety of kids
Challenges faced
  • Security and Safety of Students
  • Keeping track of the bus
  • Information delivery to the parents
  • Information delivery to school authorities
How Student Safety Assurance System can help ?


Student Safety Assurance System would make sure all buses are tracked in real-time thus parents can be alerted of the actual arrival time of the buses which would minimize children’s waiting time, exposure to bad weather and other dangers. Alerts are also set up for fleet managers to receive a message as buses enter a no-go zone, or drivers engage in unsafe driving.

Increase ROI by Cost Savings

Once a driver’s driving patterns is monitored through the Software, it’s easier to make sure that drivers operate their vehicles efficiently, which in turn eliminates unnecessary idling. Speed limits can be observed and it can be made sure that drivers are not taking detours. By choosing shortest and safest routes between each stop, drivers reduce the amount of fuel they use as well as the time spent driving.

Time Savings

Fleet activity reports are generated through the system and manual labour is avoided. Because of system driven collection and reportage of fleet activity, both time and errors are minimal for both drivers and fleet managers.

Environmental Benefits

Because routes are optimized and engine idling is almost equal to nil, the fleet has to have a positive impact on the environment. Less travel mean less pollutant emissions, reduced carbon footprint.