Omega, Road Speed Limiter System

RevitsOne Omega

RevitsOne Omega, a Road speed limiter (RSL), whose main aim is to control the fuel feed to the engine.

  • RevitsOne Omega, Road speed limiter system,RSL

    A Road speed limiter can control the fuel feed to the engine by limiting the vehicle speed to a preset value.

    RevitsOne has an experience of more than 14 years in the field of speed limitation technology. Our products are exported to 12 countries and are tested for its performance by various international certification agencies. With the back-up of own Government approved R&D center, RevitsOne products are up-to-date.

    • Cable Type Accelerator Control
    • Direct Fuel Flow Control System
    • Electronic Pedal Device
  • revitsone omega,speed limiter system with gps location identifier

    Identifies vehicle location with the help of GPS and communicate with the speed limiter to control vehicle speed

    Intelligent speed limitation is a major area of research worldwide. The various methods used for adaptive speed limitation are, GPS based limitation and control, Scanning of speed limit sign boards using intelligent camera systems, RF based speed limit sign boards, etc. In all systems, receiver units are connected to a speed limiter device which controls the vehicle speed as per the information received.

    • Information is received from the GNSS system.
    • Displas speed limit where speed limiter needs to control the vehicle.
    • New speed limit information will be displayed with audible warning.

Road traffic injuries are mainly caused due to the excess speed, influencing both the risk of a road traffic crash as well as the severity of the injuries that result from crashes.

omega,speed governor system,revitsone omega

Electronic Control Unit

Changes the top speed limit of the vehicle using location information.

Speed Indicator Unit

The device can display the speed limit at which speed limiter is supposed to control the vehicle.

Location Scan System

Location scan system (LSS) is a GPS/GLONASS based device with GSM module.

Speed Limit Fences

Location scan system (LSS) is a GPS/GLONASS based device with GSM module.

Our Process

road speed limiter system process,revits omega

Accelerator Control

A Motor will control the stroke length of the accelerator pedal linkage to fuel pump once speed reaches set speed.

Direct Fuel Flow Control System

RevitsOne Intelligent speed adaptation system (ISA) identifies vehicle location with the help of GPS and communicates with the speed limiter to control vehicle speed.

Electronic Pedal Device

Electronic pedal interface reads the pedal voltage and adjust the values before sending to engine ECM if vehicle speed is exceeding the set value.

Finalize Product

The speed limiter is universal type and can be used for valve type or pedal type vehicles with Map Updation using GPRS connectivity.

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