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RevitsOne fleet management software system is a platform perfectly designed to provide full control on your fleets on real time as well as on demand.

  • FleetNext , the AI powerded Fleet Management Platform

    FleetNext offers the best available AI powered all-in-one fleet management software for fleets of all sizes. This controls the chaos of fleet operations and Coverage of Service and Spare management.

    • AI powered Intelligent Vehicle Management System
    • Onboard Blackbox and Other vehicle integrations
    • Get insights into speed, running vitals and health information.

Fleetnext is the best and most integrated Fleet management System with tons of features, built with cutting edge technlogies. You can easily control and monitor your asset on the move.

  • Driver Science

    DriverScience manage driver workforce and productivity and track drivers and monitor driving behavior. This offers workforce and attendance management solutions to manage, control and enforce driving policies.

    • Inbuilt geofencing with multiple speed limiters
    • Onboard Speed Recorder, Control and Limit
    • Additional Vehicle Monitoring via OBD, GPS/li>
  • Voicera

    Voicera ID, Assistance & Interaction System for Drivers with In-vehicle voice based command and Realtime assistance is available with our fleet management system, which is completely designed to give you access to the fleet information you need, whenever a need arises for you.

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