School Bus Tracking System

The tracking system can monitor the vehicle and driver's actions so parents are assured of safety. The trackers can also give up-to-the-minute information on the bus's location. When schools use RevitsOne GPS Tracker, parents can check that their child got on the bus at their stop and got to school on time. Parents can also opt for regular SMS or Email to make sure that, their child travels safely.
information in parents' hands also means fewer phone calls to schools, relieving the strain on School staff in the morning when the day is most hectic.

"A GPS tracking system will improve school bus efficiency and provide parents information in real-time of their child's whereabouts. A modern system can give updates should there be any delay in the route. Access to information will be a relief for parents who are waiting for their children to come home" Using GPS systems to track their school vehicles can mean less wasted funds on fuel and maintenance costs. it will improve route planning, which will reduce wasted time and miles driven, which all adds up to savings for the school.
If your school is not yet using GPS tracking system, you are missing out on these great benefits. With a system like RevitsOne, you can improve the safety and efficiency of school buses and save costs too. You just need to install the device on your vehicle.

Introduction RevitsOne GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking devices are designed, developed and manufactured in India. Currently, RevitsOne has a state of the art manufacturing facility to manufacture bulk quantities of GPS tracker at a very competitive price. The software platform is also completely developed in-house. Apart from real time tracking, It has various inputs to check the status of the vehicle by connecting to Ignition, Seat belt, speed sensor etc. SMS alert , Call and Locate (CAL) and vehicle running reports are the most important features. RevitsOne Student Assign

Live Tracking Route Plan Way Points
  • Student management system
  • Real time SMS mobile tracing driver identification
  • Multiple login student attendance
  • Alerts & reports
24 x 7 Online Web Platform

RevitsOne GPS tracking, Online web platform is available round the clock. Users can login to their tracking platform anytime, by using login name and password provided.

Mobile Tracking and Application

RevitsOne GPS tracker allows you to configure alerts for various situations. These alerts are triggered as soon as a vehicle violates a pre-defined rule. An immediate notification will be sent to the operator via alert pop-up in online platform/email/SMS, as per the configuration.