Multiple Speed Limiter System

RevitsOne Alpha

RevitsOne Alpha, a multiple speed limiter is which can control the vehicle at two different speeds.

  • revitsone alpha,best multiple speed limiter system in india

    A multiple speed limiter can control the vehicle speed at different speed limits, automatically.

    A normal speed limiter can control the vehicle speed at only one top speed limit. To overcome this limitation, we made a system earlier which can control the vehicle at two different speeds. It detects the terrain using a vibration sensor and switches over the vehicle speed to a secondary speed when the vehicle enters a rough terrain. This system is used in petroleum development areas for many years.

    • can control speed at 10 different speed limits automatically.
    • GNSS based receivers will identify the location and speed limit.
    • Area wise fencing & speed limit information is added.
  • revitsone alpha,speed limiter system

    RevitsOne Alpha is the speed limiter and is fully developed in-house by Revits.

    RevistOne Alpha speed limiter can control the vehicle using two different modes, ie, with valve control method or by using electronic pedal interface. The electronic control unit (ECU) of the multiple speed limiter changes the top speed limit of the vehicle using location information transferred from the GNSS receiver unit. It is a combined module with electronic pedal interface and valve output and approved as per EU Standards (R10 & R89). The set speed of any particular location is compared to the saved geo-location information and updated automatically.

    • Multiple speed limiter provides more than two speeds.
    • Geo fenced speed limit setting.
    • Speed limit information display with audible warning

Apart from speed limiting function, RevitsOne offers speed recording function also.

revitsone alpha speed recording system


RevitsOne Alpha incorporates inbuilt speed recording function also and will be recorded in every 5 seconds.


The speed record is stored in the non-volatile internal memory. This will be rewritten every 72 hrs in the FIFO method.

72 Hour data

At any given point of time, the memory holds speed data for the previous 72 hrs for all above zero reading.

Real time

A real-time clock will provide the date & time data to the system and speed data.

The Magic machine

speed limiter system by revitsone alpha

Data Extraction

We extract the data directly from the device through mobile or laptop and it would have been updated in our Fleetnext platform.

GSM module

The GSM module in our device updates the server data in each 5s interval. This enables you to access the tracking data from anywhere.

Data Transfer

The data recorded in the device can be transferred easily to the user as a pdf, excel or mail and can read the data, using almost all computers.

Initializing Recorder

To initialize recording function, it should be taught about the speed calculation of speed -o-meter related to the gear ratio of the vehicle.

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