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Goal of Revits is to Transform the fleet and asset management industry and tracking methods with the miraculous capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all aspects.

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Our sophisticated and high quality manufacturing feasibility also offers accurate testing facilities. It is equipped with the latest machines and cutting edge technology that enables us in fabricating products in line with international quality standards.

Data Analysis

Our positive outlook on integrating AI technologies, extensive analysis and research in automotive & logistic infrastructure helps our clients to become the industry leaders in their respective segments enjoying unparallelled control and high profits.

Collect data

We capitalise and engage with all opportunities in mobility segment by integrating our R & D and expertise to provide innovative solutions for accurate data collection

R&D facility

Revits R&D facility is recognized by the Department of scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India. Through a strict auditing process, each and every aspect of the designing process is verified. .

Meet Revits' Leaders

sabu george,revitsone company managing director

Sabu Geroge


Iconic figure in Intelligent Automotive Solutions, and phenomenal in building, deploying and scaling solutions.

nikhil das, ceo of revitsone company

Nikhil Das


Highly talented Operational Expert who has a sound knowledge of Business and Commercial aspects.

anshad ameenza,cto of revitsone company

Anshad Ameenza


Hacker by nature, a highly skilled expert with wide variety of technology knowledge.

Mr Sabu Geroge has been developing solutions for various automotive sectors, especially in emerging markets like India, Africa, Middle East. He has built and grown Thinture solutions 15 years back, with a enough innovation to tackle some of the biggest challenges in Vehicle Tracking, Speed management and Connected automotive. He is known for his vision, problem solving abilities and customer first attitude, which has made him a trusted name in the Industry.

He has won several awards and recognition for his contribution to the industry. He brings solid 20+ years of Automotive and connected mobility leadership to RevitsOne. With an early adopter and innovated advantage in markets like Africa and Middle east, via RevitsOne he is set out to start a new revolution in Intelligent Connected Mobility

Mr Nikhil Das brings plethora of Hardware and Technology expertise to RevitsOne. After leaving his Aeronautical Engineering Job at Honeywell, he started Promptec, which is Indias first LED lighting solutions company, which was later acquired by Havells.

He is known for his ability to handle operations at scale and known to build large , performance oriented , scalable hardware production plants. He has been phenomenal in mixing technology and business knowledge to create unique value proposition. He bring more than 15+ years of expertise to RevitsOne in-terms of Hardware, Operations, R&D.

He sold his last company Promptec to Havells in 2017 after making it one of the most successful LED and Lighting solutions company in India. With exposure to global markets, he is a key person in RevitsOne future journey.

Mr Anshad Ameenza has been part of some of the Fortune 50 companies in the past, and have enabled these companies on technology transformations. He has played a key role in realising dreams of many business by providing technology and business solutions. he has been incubating and accelerating more than 10 companies to grow from an idea to million dollar valuations, solving grand challenges on the way. His creativity, consistency, and perseverance have created immense value for many clients, co-workers and partners.

Over the years he has built successful teams on AI, product engineering, software/system architecture, cloud, BigData, infrastructure, system engineering, data centre etc. With more than 15 years of experience, He has been part of some of the biggest IT projects in the industry. He is part of Innovation Incubator and board of directors in many fast growing startups globally.

Message From Board

Our products manufactured by RevitsOne are completely designed In-house. Starting from the concept to product discussion, engineers from each department mould a device from scratch to reality. RevitsOne R & D consists of basic circuit designing to PCB designing, algorithm to firmware, mechanical assembly drawings, Online software platforms and standard operating procedures (SOP) for aftermarket usage of the finished products.


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Why REVITS For Fleet Management

We Improve Your Business with our expertise in AI technology with extensive R & D to increase your productivity ensuring enhanced mobility with a true connected platform. This offers better response to customer requests hence increased customer satisfaction.


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National Awards

From Thinture to Revits , nearing two decades of startling journey as solution experts with technical expertise in industrial control systems, Artificial Intellingence globally.

artificial intelligence experts,revitsone

2002 Birth of Thinture

Started as Thinture with a team of engineers providing technical consultation & prototyping service for various automotive companies like Bosch,GM, Mahindra, Mahindra etc .

2004 R & D Output

When road speed limiter became mandatory in some of the states in India, Revits started designing one and successfully developed India’s first Stepper motor based, vehicle speed limiter.

2015 The Award Year

Best Manufacturer Exporter Award ( Micro Category - GOLD ) from Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry and Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award ( EXPORT EXCELLENCE ) from International Achievers Conference

2018 Revits Number ‘One’

Revamped Thinture Technologies and formed Revitsone which is incubated by Innovation Incubator focussing on AI capabilities and related R & D product development and building reltaed platforms.

2019 The Award Year

As per our global expansion plans, RevitsOne entering US market through Innovation Incubator Market Accelerator Program and launches new products Revits Alpha and Revits Omega. Revits has an international division presently operates in Dubai, Oman, Mauritius and Kenya.

Customer Testimonials

Revits recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research & we are partnered with these leading global brands to improve their business.