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Revits’ Fleetnext platform and tracking devices are well designed to deliver complete fleet management and safety solutions

  • leader amoung FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS,revitsone

    Revits’ Fleetnext is the leader amoung FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS around the globe

    This World Class Vehicle Tracking Software provides all sorts of Tracking Solutions with AI powered features. Fleetnxt offers complete solutions for fuel management and fleet tracking. This system can be whitlabelled with your brand for reselling as your business.Revits Fleet management system take care of complete Logistic Management including delivery change request Management.

    • Offer all sort of work order Management
    • Complete Route Planning & Management
    • Indigenously developed Vehicle Tracking System
  • dispatch management solutions,revitsone applications

    Revits Fleet management products and platforms are great solutions for DISPATCH MANAGEMENT

    In Dispatch Management, Revits GPS solutions provides Real Time Notification through Email, SMS or System Notifications. Our customers get Real Time Map View of the Delivery Vehicle with auto calculation of estimated Delivery time. This system holds the total history of delivery and dispatch. It takes care of delivery change request management with route tracking and analytics.

    • Respond to rapidly changing conditions
    • Reroute vehicles remotely
    • Send messages to drivers (or an entire fleet)

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  • revitson trailer tracking system,revitson

    Revits GPS Tracking systems and products gives effective TRAILER TRACKING with enhanced features

    Trailer Tracking is really effective with Revits Real time Location ( GPS Tracker ) tracker and with Fleetnext. This create real-time alerts to detect and monitor unauthorized use, doors opening, and cargo being unloaded. Revits systems also house Temperature and humidity sensor for automatic wireless monitoring of the mobile assets. It incorporates a wireless sensor to track trailer is loaded or empty.

    • Effective tracking facilities for enhanced safety
    • Better communication features for perfect monitoring
    • Real time analytics for better decision making
revitsone Parked Vehicles Monitoring system

Parked Vehicles Monitoring

Detects realtime location and give alerts by stopping the vehicle from unauthorized Ignition and door opening.

Perishable Transpotation system by revitsone applications,

Perishable Transpotation

Real-time temperature monitored by providing alerts, notifications and SMS. it give calls on Temperature Dropdowns by saving historical logs and act as a Trip Planner.

taxi management solutions by revitsone applications

Taxi Management

Best Travel cost estimator by tracking the earnings and act as a Trip Planner along with real time notifications

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