Revits Engine Temperature Controller

Engine Temperature Controller

RevitsOne Temperature control system is designed for automobiles which withstands high operating temperatures, harsh environments, and heavy vibrations

  • Engine Temperature Controller,revits product

    Protects your engine from seizure due to over temperature and heavy vibrations

    Temperature control system can shut down the engine either by switching off the electrical supply to the fuel pump or by stopping the fuel flow by using a special solenoid valve. Once temperature reaches 5 degrees below the set value, the Temperature control system starts giving intermediate buzzer beeps which alerts the driver to stop the engine as early as possible.

    • Switches off the engine once temperature reaches set value.
    • Three wire sensor, used for detecting real-time engine temperature..
    • Easy installation is an advantage.
  • Engine Temperature Controller with Temperature settings,revits

    One Button Setting is provided to fix the machine

    Temperature settings can be done by pressing the control switch in the desired manner using an appropriate screwdriver. Once the setting is done the access hole can be closed and sealed. In case, the fixing of unit takes place in an Inverted position, display can also be Inverted by using the switch. The outputs, N/O or N/C can also be interchanged using the same button.

    • Engine shut down facility and real time temperature indication.
    • Audible warning signal before shut down.
    • Digital input for vehicle tracking module.

Engine Temperature Controller is an independent mechanism which monitors the surface temperature of the engine and alerts the driver , if value exceeds.

best engine temprature controller system,revitsone


Precise control of vehicle temperature by updated intelligent micro controller system.


Provide Real time temperature indicator with Constant monitoring of temperature.


Indigenous microprocessor controlled design and guaranteed long life.


Require very less maintenance cost with smooth and accurate operation.

Our Guarantee

guaranteed engine temprature controller system.revits

Increases Engine life

The unit is designed and developed for automotive application and is equipped with high end automotive grade components.

Reduces Operating & Maintenance cost

We are directly involved in every stage of product manufacturing along with multi-level quality checking procedures, which results in higher reliability.

Avoid unexpected engine break-downs

The power supply is carefully designed to withstand the load-dumps that happen inside the vehicle power supply. The unit has FRLS cable and has automotive grade water-proof connectors.

Competitive Pricing of the product

High-Quality and Affordable Price has always been, and will always be, a significant indicator of quality, so making a high-quality product affordable and valuable is a fine line to walk.

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