We Improve Your Business

  • Reduce fuel use and emissions
  • Increase producivity with radical increase in safety of rider, driver and vechicle
  • Enhanced mobility with true connected platform, better response to customer requests thereby ensuring the customer satisfaction
  • Maximize fleet utilization, reduce fuel use and emissions there by optimize operational efficiency
  • Proactive service, improved maintenance and reduce fuel use and emissions thereby ensuring the safety and health of mobile resources
  • State-of-the-art visibility and ability to forecast and predict
  • Move to a prescriptive world and build strong foundation
  • Meet standards on safety, security and compliance in order to reduce accidents, injuries and issues

We Provides Technical Solution for

  • Realtime analytics, prediction and intelligence visibility
  • Proactive Intelligence through AI
  • Realtime auditing capabilities via Blockchain
  • Coverage and accuracy via enhanced IOT capabilities
  • Always connected with strong offline capabilities
  • 5G, Cloud and Satellite capable
  • Combining IoT, Cloud and Vision features for true sensing capability

A Complete Fleet Management Software Solution

  • Intelligent Vehicle Management System

    Intelligent Vehicle Management System

    ▪   In-Vehicle Monitoring System

    ▪   Geofencing with multiple speed limiters

    ▪   Speed Recorder, Control and Limit

    ▪   Additional Vehicle Monitoring via OBD, GPS

    ▪   Satellite based Monitoring

    ▪   Offline and Online Modes

    ▪   Onboard Blackbox and Other vehicle integrations

  • Vehicle – Location, Health Control

    Vehicle – Location, Health Control

    ▪   Realtime location of the vehicle

    ▪   Get insights into speed, vehicle information, engine information, running vitals and health information.

    ▪   Access these information real-time or on-demand.

  • Driver Management System

    Driver Management System

    ▪   RFID, BLE & Voice based Driver ID

    ▪   Driver Management & Profile

    ▪   Driver Policies

    ▪   Workforce and attendance Management Solutions

    ▪   Panic/Assistance Button

  • Driver – Behaviour, Monitor, Control

    Driver – Behaviour, Monitor, Control

    ▪   Realtime Driver Monitoring via Camera and Sensors

    ▪   Monitor and Control Driver Behavior

    ▪   Live Communication to the Driver

    ▪   Advanced Driver ID, Attendance

    ▪   Voice Based Driver Interaction

    ▪   Smartphone integrations

    ▪   Driver Score Board & Hours of Service

  • Rider or Asset – Monitor, Secure, Safety

    Rider or Asset – Monitor, Secure, Safety

    ▪   Automated Ticketing

    ▪   Emergency Assistance

    ▪   Content and Engagement

    ▪   Interaction and in-vehicle enjoyment

  • Convergence


    ▪   Prediction and Optimization of Operations

    ▪   Forecasting and Planning

    ▪   Content delivery and streaming

    ▪   Fleet Operations and Managaement

  • Maintenance


    ▪   Service History

    ▪   Auto service recommendation

    ▪   Service Reminders

    ▪   Online Vehicle Inspections where inspection form can be customized Networked Workshops List

  • Parts


    ▪   Inventory Management

    ▪   Purchase Orders management

    ▪   Parts tracking

    ▪   Purchase History

    ▪   Vendor List

  • Passenger Transit

    Passenger Transit

    ▪   Passenger List with corresponding boarding point, Childrens, male or female counts

    ▪   Ticket Booking

    ▪   Cash Payments