Be careful about Exclusive distribution rights.

Dec 01, 2017 RAIS140

Be careful about Exclusive distribution rights.

One fine day, I got a call from a businessman whom I know earlier. We had some technical discussions earlier, when I was a part of a some other company. He wants to be my dealer for one of my product. He promised me that he will purchase 1k units every month. That was quite a large number at that point of time.

I was discussing with some other guy, (we will call him Mr. X) at the same time, for a lesser quantity, from my friend’s country. As he was the first guy who started the discussion, I told my friend that I can commit only if Mr. X says no. I called Mr.X and told him that I need an answer without delay, thinking that my friend is a better choice. By that day evening, Mr. X called and finalised the deal for 500 units. I felt bit disappointed. But I need to follow my business ethics.

I called my friend and informed him about this. I was really confused when he tried to convince me with numbers. He promised me that, within next 3 months, he will be able to pickup 3k units. I remembered my mentor’s phrase, which I have told him ‘We only marry once’.

After a month’s time, Mr.X ordered 15K units together. We had done a business of more than 40K units within that 3 months.

My friend(?) was dealing with my competitor’s product !!


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