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Revits Improve Your Business with our expertise in technology & artificial intelligence supported by inhouse R & D.

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    Revits’ expertise with the power to help customers take on tomorrow with confidence.

    Our dedicated efforts to invest in the tools, technologies and infrastructure that provides promising advantages to our customers across the globe. Our focus to integrate Artificial Intelligence in all aspects of Revits' products and services enhances the fleet management experience for fleet owners and drivers. Our customers enjoy

    • Increase productivity with radical increase in safety with high accuaracy
    • Enhanced mobility & proper control offer better response to requests
    • Maximize fleet utilization & reduce fuel use for operational efficiency

Revits | The Technology Experts

No fleet management company comes close to Revits on technology investments and R&D integration for delivering a advanced well designed fleet management platform. We work with our clients to solve all their critical issues on time and every time.

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Video Support

State-of-the-art visibility and ability to forecast and predict things accurately.

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Meet standards on safety, security and compliance in order to reduce accidents, injuries and issues

Design Quality

Maximize fleet utilization, reduce fuel use and emissions there by optimize operational efficiency

Pixel-Perfect Layout

Realtime analytics, prediction and intelligence visibility through AI

Feature Availability

Realtime auditing capabilities via Blockchain & Always connected with strong offline capabilities

Personal Support

Coverage and accuracy via enhanced IOT capabilities & 5G, Cloud and Satellite capable

Let's Connect to Improve Your Business together.

Unparellel Features

Innovative technologies and collaborative, customer-focused service takes our Fleet management platforms on a whole new levelwhich provides complete information.

Access on need

Our system is completely designed to give you access to the fleet information you need, when and how you need it.

Asset Health

Proactive service, improved maintenance and reduce fuel use and emissions thereby ensuring the safety and health of mobile resources


State-of-the-art visibility and ability to forecast and predict and move to a prescriptive world and build strong foundation


Provides Technical Solution for Real Time analytics, prediction and intelligence visibility

Why Choose Revits

Our Skills

Revits has expertise in Innovative technologies and collaborative, customer-focused service

  • AI 90%

  • Design 80%

  • Accuracy 99%

  • Responisbility 100%

  • Innovation 75%

Exceptional Service

Revits committed to deliver exceptional quality in every aspect of their business. We create, company wide benchmark with the highest standards in delivering high quality service.

We are known for our dedication on attaining the standards from each and every person at all levels of the organization.

  • Highly professional
  • Extreme dedication
  • Perfection in every aspects

Each and every product designed, developed and manufactured at Revits has been tested properly before it is sold. Apart from our in-house testing, we are submitting our products into various reputed laboratories across the world, in which the capability of each product is tested according to standards applicable to the countries where it is installed.

Our products have been certified as per various standards applicable in various countries

Revits R&D facility is recognized by the Department of scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India. Through a strict auditing process, each and every aspect of designing process is verified.

The products manufactured by Revits is completely designed In-house. Starting from the concept to product discussion, engineers from each department mould a device from scratch to reality. Thinture R&D consists of basic circuit designing to PCB designing, algorithm to firmware, mechanical assembly drawings, Online software platforms and standard operating procedures (SOP) for aftermarket usage of the finished products.

Revits Welcomes You

To the world of Control & Performance

Complete Fleet Management System


Revits has an Intelligent Vehicle Management System providing In-Vehicle Monitoring and Geofencing with multiple speed limiters. This includes Speed Recorder,Control and Limit with Additional Vehicle Monitoring.

  • Provides offline and Online Modes.
  • Onboard Blackbox and Other vehicle integrations.

Realtime Data

The remote vehicle location can be accessed real time and even health of the vehicle can be controlled with insights to speed, vehicle & engine information, running vaitals etc.

  • Comes with Onboard Blackbox
  • Access information real-time or on-demand

Driver Management

Revits provides RFID, BLE & Voice based Driver ID for Driver Management with preset driver Policies. This has workforce and attendance Management Solutions and Panic/Assistance Button.

  • Workforce and attendance Management Solutions
  • Panic/Assistance Button

Safety Features

Revits fleet management system offers state of the art rider and asset monitoring features to secure asset and ensure the safety of the riders. This is capable of automatic ticketing and emergency assistance.

  • deliver communication and Engagement
  • Interaction and in-vehicle enjoyment

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Revits recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research & we are partnered with these leading global brands to improve their business.