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Revits transform fleet management & logistic traffic by bringing together cross functional expertise in tech and industry to deliver leading-edge innovations.


AI Powered

Revits helps our clients to lead change and navigate an increasingly complicated and highly competitive mobility segment with AI powered solutions

fleet management with AI


Revits transform the fleet management segment with high performing AI powered platforms capabilities

fleet management company in india


Revits integrate every activity with our R & D and expertise to provide innovative solutions which capitalise and engage with all opportunities in mobility segment

AI Capabilities of REVITS

Our forward-thinking and integrated perspective—covering automotive, cities, freight, infrastructure, last-mile delivery, utilities, and others, helps our clients to create & manage growth.



Identify driving patterns and behavior of driver using sensor data and computer vision


Best route, journey and route analysis Fuel and maintenance analysis of the Vehicle assignment and driver assignments analytics

Corrective Actions

Provides users input into how to drive & routes suggestions, Journeys, assignment, fuel usage. Recommends faster & better routes, waypoint planning and Predictive Maintenance for vehicles


Driver scorecards, comparisons, profiling, charts - phone handling, to measure drivers’ relative risk

Authentication and Profiling

Ability to authenticate using voice - driver id. Ability to authenticate and identify driver based on computer vision.

Distraction free Interaction

Ability to use Google Home kind of interaction inside vehicle An active assistant providing in vehicle assistance for various driving , fleet, route and journey operations

Fleetnext from Revits is a completely Integrated fleet management solution Powered by the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

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